Write about your latest travel experience.

Write about your latest travel experience. Where have you been lately? Did you have sex with someone that you just met on that trip? Share your travel tips!

Recently, I visited Athens in Greece, and I might want to compose here about the experience I had during the entire outing. Of the multitude of nations I visited in Europe, this visit was the most intriguing one I encountered. Shockingly, this was the solitary excursion arranged nothing ahead of time and still worked out over my assumptions. Simultaneously, I additionally saw many most unusual things that I will refer to toward the end.

What made my Athens trip so intriguing?


If you intend to visit Athens without having Acropolis on your checklist, at that point likely you are set up to miss a lifetime experience. Acropolis is an incredibly old fortress situated over the city of Athens. I invested significant energy to peruse the set of experiences behind each engineering stay over yonder, which made my experience considerably seriously fascinating and important. Likewise, don’t miss to visit the Ancient Agora of Athens situated close to Acropolis, where you could see remaining compositional parts of a few landmarks like sanctuaries, asylums, and walkways, of which the vast majority of them date back to at any rate over 200 BC.

And then….

The most special thing that happened on the trip with me was at the hotel after visiting Acropolis. I brought a girl to the hotel, which I have met in a restaurant while making dinner. She was extremely hot. I was just losing my control just by looking at her. Without having a second thought, I went to her and asked her out for the dessert after dinner. I can’t ask how, but she agreed. We had a lot of fun together. When I was leaving for the hotel, she started giving me different looks. She didn’t want me to go; she was having a good time with me. She told me a lot of good and secret stuff about her. Being a stranger, which I think I do not deserve. But anyhow, It all happened in real-time. I took myself closer to her, and then she closed her eyes; now I took it as a green signal. I started kissing on her lips. In a few moments, we kissed and drowned in the intimacy, which wasn’t possible to stop. I grabbed her tight and kept making love. Then I asked her to come with me to the hotel, and obviously, she was excited. That night we slept together, but we didn’t know each other’s names and never asked. It was over after the night, but that night was very special to me.

Best Travel Tips from My Side

Go to places you’ve won’t ever know about

When you know the name of a nation, city, or milestone, all things being equal, it, as a rule, implies that a ton of others know it as well. You should visit notable places if you have the chance: see the Eiffel Tower if you’re in Paris, see the Grand Canyon if you’re in Arizona, watch the sunrise or sit at Angkor Wat if you’re in Cambodia. Yet, getting off that generally accepted way to go and investigating places obscure to you permits you to have new, exceptional encounters with no biased decisions.

Take as much time as is needed.

Travel at whatever speed appears to be agreeable for you and plan your movements freely. At the point when you make a step-by-step schedule, your excursion can feel surged, and you can pass up energizing, unforeseen freedoms. Take as much time as is needed and take into account suddenness! If you find that you like a specific spot, allow yourself to remain insofar as you’d like.

Overdo it on encounters

In numerous events, adhering to a financial plan is significant for long-haul voyaging and simply going all in all. While there are numerous travel approaches just and economically, a few encounters cost cash, and you shouldn’t feel remorseful for wandering from your exacting spending plan. Go through some additional money to look at nearby bottling works, galleries, eateries, and celebrations. It’s about the experience!

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