The ability to aspire to become something in life is what a dream is all about. This aspiration is a startup to the many decisions that would have a place in the life of an individual, including designing the lifestyle and pattern the life of the dreamer would go.


When we hear espionage, our minds become abuzz with a kaleidoscope of different images and delicious concepts — fancy cars, ingenious gadgets, international intrigue, mysterious encounters. Many, myself included, have long been involved in a love affair with the idea of being a spy, of having different identities, of living a risky life. Most spies we become enamored with on the silver screen are men — dashing, handsome, charming. However, one of the most notorious spies in history was a woman. A woman so shrouded in veils of mystery that one encounters difficulty in discerning fact from fiction when it comes to her life. A seductress. An exotic dancer. A courtesan. An involuntary puppet in the hands of men. Mata Hari. More on..

Diamonds Production

There are women born to run with wolves and who manage with ease to stay gracious and make the whole wolf pack tend to their every need without doing much — just bringing their strong personality forward (and of course their elegance and charm, too) is enough. Then, there are…

If you could travel to any location with anyone, where would you go, who would you choose, and why?

I couldn’t imagine anything better than traveling these spots with my closest companion, who has a comparative interest as mine. We would go to these spots and will have heaps of…

The first thing one learns or most people remember about Betty Page is her titles: “Miss Pin-up Queen of all times” and “Miss Bondage”. And then they look at the images of this incredibly beautiful woman and copy her stance, her movements, her hair style, her make-up, girls today take with readiness all she brought to the world and don’t even know who she was. Madonna, Katie Perry and so many more could not come up with ideas of their own, or what? Instead, they had to go back to the 50s and copy-paste Bettie to the last detail in the hope that the world has forgotten about her. Bettie’s influence is even stronger today than it was at the time her career took off like a jet plane, and she deserves all the respect and none of the hate. read more

Once upon a time there was a poor girl called Gabrielle. She had three sisters and two brothers. One of her sisters died very young. Gabrielle didn’t like living in a crowded house. When she turned twelve, her always sick mother died, and her father sent the boys to work…

Diamonds Production

E-Magazine “Diamonds Production” is a mind teaser — a challenging perspective through senses — Sensual Lifestyle, Business, Sport, Art, History, Travel, Taboos.

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